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Happy New Year 2017

It’s a new year — and a new time!  After much thought, I’ve decided to stop maintaining a regular blog.  I’ll still write articles from time to time, but my new focus will be on compiling my thoughts and stories into full-scale books.  It’s been a personal dream of mine to become an author, although

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Finding Headspace when Work & Life get the Better of You.

The past few months have been rough.  Life’s gotten busier:  my little girl turned two; I had to start thinking about school plans for my son who starts kindergarten in the fall; my husband and I are planning a family vacation to New Zealand in 4 weeks; we’ve been doing a lot of work in

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5 Facts On The Need To Pee That Every Pregnant Woman Must See

Having suffered from pregnancy incontinence myself for a grueling 18 months (two pregnancies) and a few months after each, when DryDepot approached me and asked if I’d be interested in sharing the tips below, I quickly agreed.  Here’s everything you need to know about pregnancy and peeing (note – this is a sponsored post from

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10 Things I NEVER Thought I’d Do Until I Became a Working Mom

It’s crazy how the arrival of that baby can change everything…  Here’s how my life changed. 10 Things I NEVER Thought I’d Do Until I Became a Working Mom (1) Wear my hear in a bun or a ponytail + wear no make-up – like every day. (2) Schedule time with my husband to take

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Having a Baby? What you should do (and not do) at work before you go out on maternity leave.

That baby is just around the corner, and once it’s out – there is no going back.  Your life (and you) will be changed forever.  But it’s not here yet, and you’re counting down the days to maternity leave.  You plan to (or have to) come back to work after your leave is over and

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Death by a Thousand Paper Cuts

It’s 8:30pm on a Tuesday.  Thankfully, I don’t have a work call right now.  But I do have a screaming child.  He’s mid-tantrum because it was bedtime and he had to go to bed.  And the reality is, he had to go to bed because he needs his sleep but he really had to go

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6 Things to Keep Doing Even After You Have Children

It’s remarkable the number of things that we were passionate about – or even obsessed with – that fall to the wayside after we have kids.  Don’t let that happen.  Enjoy my latest article on Lifehack.org! 6 Things to Keep Doing Even After You Have Children (January 7, 2016, Lifehack.org)

The “Have Kids, Will Work” Reading List

At lunch last December, a friend asked me to share a list of books that I recommend she read.  She was looking for ones that would help her get ready for the crazy road ahead – particularly working while having kids.  So I put together a list of four “must read” books that have influenced

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