Happy New Year 2017

It’s a new year — and a new time!  After much thought, I’ve decided to stop maintaining a regular blog.  I’ll still write articles from time to time, but my new focus will be on compiling my thoughts and stories… Read More ›

No place like home

As beautiful as New Zealand is, the San Francisco Bay Area is hard to beat.  It’s great to be home! I’ll be consolidating all my trip advisor reviews on Have Kids, Will Work and share my thoughts on a child… Read More ›

Traveling Mommy

I’ve been home for nearly two weeks since my last business trip.  It’s good to be home, I admit.  But I like being on the road too – it gives me time to be ultra productive and open up headspace… Read More ›

48 Hours in Yangon

My trip to Myanmar in January was for work, but it was intensely sentimental as well.  Myanmar (or Burma, as it’s popularly known) never shut down for tourism, per se, but it only recently opened its doors to significant international… Read More ›