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Finding Headspace when Work & Life get the Better of You.

The past few months have been rough.  Life’s gotten busier:  my little girl turned two; I had to start thinking about school plans for my son who starts kindergarten in the fall; my husband and I are planning a family vacation to New Zealand in 4 weeks; we’ve been doing a lot of work in

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48 Hours in Yangon

My trip to Myanmar in January was for work, but it was intensely sentimental as well.  Myanmar (or Burma, as it’s popularly known) never shut down for tourism, per se, but it only recently opened its doors to significant international trade in 2013 – and literally overnight, it shifted from a hidden world lost in

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Flight Review: Cathay Pacific CX879 SFO – HKG

Flight Review: CX879, Business Class Departing 11:55am January 14, 2016, Arriving 6:50pm January 15, 2016 I arrived at San Francisco Airport at 10:15am and it was crowded.   It seems nearly every flight to Asia departs around the same time (noon) as the Korean Air, Air China, and Cathay Pacific counters were all crowded. There was

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What’s to come…

The new year is almost 1/24th over.  It feels like just yesterday I was at a New Year’s Eve party, but it’s very nearly January 12th.  This is a short post, but I wanted to take a few moments to share what I plan to write about over the next few months. I will continue contributing to

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6 Things to Keep Doing Even After You Have Children

It’s remarkable the number of things that we were passionate about – or even obsessed with – that fall to the wayside after we have kids.  Don’t let that happen.  Enjoy my latest article on! 6 Things to Keep Doing Even After You Have Children (January 7, 2016,

Have Kids, Will Work – New Year’s Resolutions

The time for New Year’s resolutions is here and while I normally don’t make any resolutions, I’ve learned a number of things in the past 5 months of blogging (and living) that warrant resolutions of some kind.  So here we go: I won’t apologize or stress about putting family needs first.  Work takes a lot from

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Losing #nanowrimo … for now.

At 20, 153 words and halfway through Chapter 7, I’ve stopped… for now.  I may have lost #nanowrimo2015, but I’m really proud that I did get through one-third of the novel.  And I’m not stopping…  I will finish this novel and, someday, maybe even publish it.  But my first draft isn’t happening in one month

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