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Parents of four (or more) children are the happiest

It’s hard to believe, but it’s true.  According to a study out of Australia, parents of four or more children are truly the happiest.  And here’s why. “Parents with Four or More Kids are Happier, According to Researchers“,, November 29, 2015 Have Kids, Will Work

6 Time Saving Tips for Working Parents

Personally, one of the most surprising things about becoming a parent was my change in perception of time.  I started mapping days down to the minute.  There is always too much to do – and most days, there is no time for down time.  I wrote this article for Lifehack to share a few tips on how

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My Interview with 2 Amazing Mom Entrepreneurs! Discover 3 Curious Monkeys just in time for Diwali.

I was invited by DesiList to guest blog about a recent interview with Shuchi Mehta and Shweta Chopra, founders of children’s play company 3 Curious Monkeys.  They are mom entrepreneurs committed to the idea of brining Indian culture into mainstream play.  It’s a pleasure to share their story… just in time for Diwali on November 11th!

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5 Ways to Improve Your Work Life Balance RIGHT NOW!

A lot of the advice on work life balance is focused on “balancing out in the long run” or figuring out how to make it work over a period of time.  Well, that sure doesn’t help with the day to day stress we face!  Feeling balanced in the long run is important, but what can

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10 Surprising Things That Will Get You Promoted

Ever wonder if promotions are really based on meritocracy?  I guess we’ll never know for sure… but here are 10 other things that weigh into the decision. Thanks to the wonderful team at SharpHeels for their editing magic on my latest article! Visit Promotion Influencers – 10 Surprising Things that Could Help You Get to the Next

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