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Finding a Path to Failure

Photo by Matthew Fournier on Unsplash

One of my most recent works on Medium – but highly relevant to this community.  I hope you enjoy.

My son is seven years old, and he’s learning to play hockey. The first step in his journey is mastering how to ice skate. Every week, we go to the local ice rink, where I suit him up in so much gear that I wonder if there is more gear than boy—a helmet, face cage, padded hockey pants, knee and shin guards, elbow and forearm guards, and a chest guard with padded shoulders. It takes 15 minutes to put all this on, and it’s a 60-minute lesson.

Out on the rink, he and his teammates follow their coach to learn how to control their moves on the ice so that skating will be second nature to them as they start handling their sticks and pucks. The first time my son put a foot onto the ice, he fell headfirst. I could tell he was shocked, but he shook it off. He managed to get up, only to fall right back down onto his right shoulder.

Seeing that took me back to my own days learning balance sports, which I never mastered out of fear of falling or getting hurt. That same fear dominated everything I did as I grew older. I avoided things like learning to ski or ride a bike well because the first few experiences felt so shaky I was sure I’d injure myself before I could master the balance. 

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