Month: February 2016

48 Hours in Yangon

My trip to Myanmar in January was for work, but it was intensely sentimental as well.  Myanmar (or Burma, as it’s popularly known) never shut down for tourism, per se, but it only recently opened its doors to significant international trade in 2013 – and literally overnight, it shifted from a hidden world lost in

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5 Times I Fell in Love with my Job

In the spirit of love and the end of Valentine’s Day long weekend, there are a few times in a working parent’s life when you really fall in love with your job.  That love my be fleeting, but it’s real while it lasts.  Here are 5 times I fell in love with my job, after

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Valentine’s Day, Date Night, Romance and a Baby?

Just in time for Valentine’s Day, our guest blogger Natalie Willes, Infant & Toddler Sleep Trainer, shares thoughts on how working with a sleep consultant can help you find more time to devote to one of your most important relationships – the one you have with your significant other! Valentine’s Day, Date Night, Romance and a

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