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Have Kids, Will Work – New Year’s Resolutions

The time for New Year’s resolutions is here and while I normally don’t make any resolutions, I’ve learned a number of things in the past 5 months of blogging (and living) that warrant resolutions of some kind.  So here we go:

I won’t apologize or stress about putting family needs first.  Work takes a lot from me, and won more times last year than I am happy about.  2016 is the year of putting my family first.  I will be in town for my children’s birthdays (and my own – last year, I wasn’t!).  I will not miss their end of school year performances (yes, last year I missed Arjun’s performance of the 3 Piggy Opera and it still haunts me).  I won’t travel over weekends unless I comp myself the time back.  My husband and I will take a no-kids vacation (or weekend, if that’s all we can put together).

I will set standard working hours and work outside of those hours only for emergencies and in the case of extreme necessity.  Even though I work with Asia, I will not be available 24/7.  I will take evening calls no more than two nights a week – and those evening calls will end by 10pm.  I’ll only seriously consider new opportunities that will better my schedule, not those that make it harder.

I will commit myself to my health – both physical and mental.  The Facebook 15 is real.  It’s time to get back into shape, and take time to refresh and relax.  That means that vacations are vacations.  I’ll go to Barre Fit on Friday’s that I’m in town.  I will not stress out if I feel my career isn’t moving at the speed that I want or expect it to.

I will pre-book my vacations.  It’s too easy to blow off or work through vacations.  There won’t be any point in time when I don’t know when my next vacation is.  For those that are curious, my next one starts April 17th, when leave to spend 2 weeks celebrating my parent’s 40th anniversary – in New Zealand!

I will keep writing.  I will finish the first draft of my chick lit novel, and I will finish my first “thin” book.  I made a commitment to do this, and it’s something I’ve always wanted to do.  I will do it, for me – not for anyone else.

I will thank my support system (often).  That includes my husband, my kids, my parents, and any other care givers I depend on that help me work  while I have kids.

Wishing all of my readers and followers a very happy and peaceful 2016.

All my love,

Have Kids, Will Work

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