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Product Review: Sonos PLAY:5 & Rhapsody Trial

Tomorrow (Christmas Eve) we’re planning to bake our Christmas cookies! And I’m so excited because I haven’t had to return the Sonos PLAY:5 (yet) that the Sonos publicity team loaned to me, along with a 3 mo. Rhapsody account.

Sonos 1I had never considered the idea of bringing music into the kitchen, but with two kids to entertain and a Thanksgiving brunch and dinner to get out – the Sonos Play:5 was a godsend.  Actually, so was the Rhapsody account; access to non-stop toddler songs (think nursery rhymes and Rafi) kept both kids entertained and happy while Mommy mashed, roasted and basted.

Post Thanksgiving, the PLAY:5 is still useful.  We move the speaker all around the house so that our music can follow us – even to bath time!  When we have friends over, we’ve been able to stream music from their mobile devices so that everyone can hear.  It’s so much cheaper than setting up surround sound throughout your home, and the best part is that you can localize the music to wherever you are.  (Daddies taking their Sunday afternoon naps won’t be disturbed).

Sonos 2My favorite use so far?  Catching up on NPR podcasts while prepping weeknight dinners.  I don’t spend enough time in the car (or I’m not in the car at the right hours) to catch-all the stories that NPR covers – but now I don’t have to scour the web to find them.  I can catch up every evening!

Special thank you to Sonos & Rhapsody for sharing a little holiday cheer with the Ravi family this year! We love the gifts, even if they are only temporary!

Have Kids, Will Work

*Note – Product was provided free of charge for the purpose of writing a review.

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