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Writing a novel is hard. And I’m definitely not going to be done in 8 days.

I’m at day 22.  I know my previous post expressed how hard it is, how I’m cutting down my goal to just a mere 25,000 words, and all the stuff I’m learning about trying to do it when working full-time (with kids).

I haven’t written every single day, and I’m painfully behind.  This weekend was completely unproductive due to (1) Master of None and (2) husband travelling.

I just took a read through what I’ve written so far.  I’ve previously acknowledged what I’ve written is crap, but taking the good 45 minutes to read through it I’m realizing how crappy it really is.  And I sort of knew that going in, as I breezed past word after word, it felt more like the typing test in 8th grade where they encouraged you to “type as fast as you can” vs. getting the words right.  But when I’m done, I’ve got to go back, re-do, re-develop, re-consider, and make everything more funny (it’s chick lit, after all).

I’ve finally realized the real purpose of #Nanowrimo2015.  It’s to get something out onto paper – good, bad, or even ugly.  Because without something to edit, critique or make changes to – you’ve got nothing!  So I have the shreds of a novel; I have the bare bones foundation.  But boy, is there still a lot of work to do.

Have Kids, Will Work

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