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A sad day for Paris and for all of us.

As many of you know, business travel is a huge part of my job.  I work with wonderful global partners around the world to help create a more open and connected world (specifically through Internet.org by Facebook) for everyone.  Last night’s events in Paris leave me sad, dumbfounded, and worried.  As we open up our world to new ideas and share pieces of ourselves with each other, we have to build a global mindset of tolerance, acceptance, and understanding.

Today, we stand in solidarity with our French global inhabitants, as they did for us during 9/11, praying that this is the last we’ll see intolerance manifesting in violence.  In my head I know that it is not, but in my heart, I still pray that it is.

I wish I could say every time I step on a plane I didn’t feel a tingle of apprehension – a quick surge of fear that I may never come home and may never hold my children in my arms or tell my husband “I love you” again.  I hate that even though I’m working to fulfill the worthy mission of a more open and connected word, that I sometimes think twice about tweeting to an airline to thank them for great service or to let them know I’m delay and to please watch out for me.  Who else is watching out?  Who else is monitoring?

As we open up the world through social media, we are creating more stages and more opportunities for the intolerant to display their displeasure through violence.  I know I’m only one voice in this puzzle, but I beg everyone out there to live their life with gratitude, tolerance and understanding.  And to not turn to violence as an answer.  I don’t know what anyone achieved from the recent terror in Paris, and earlier this month in Beirut.  In my view, nothing resulted but blows of sadness across humanity.

Let’s end it here and pray for peace.

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