6 Time Saving Tips for Working Parents

Personally, one of the most surprising things about becoming a parent was my change in perception of time.  I started mapping days down to the minute.  There is always too much to do – and most days, there is no time for down time.  I wrote this article for Lifehack to share a few tips on how I find ways to save time, while working full-time and toting around two kids.  Two of them have additional monetary costs associated with them (hire a nanny on occasion, and buy school hot lunches), but I’d actually argue that with the rising cost of food, buying a hot lunch these days is probably a wash between what it costs to pack an equally healthy, balanced lunch at home.  The other four should be helpful even if you don’t have extra cash.

Enjoy – Hope they help!


6 Time Saving Tips for Working Parents (Published November 12, 2015 on Lifehack.org)

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