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Progress with Nanowrimo and other updates

I’m at 8,016 words.  That’s nearly not enough.  Getting a novel out in one month is much harder than I thought.  Here are a few things I’m noticing:

  • The “write whenever you can” thing makes sense, but it’s so hard to actually execute.  Sometimes I’m just too tired at the end of the day after working and then watching kids at home.  You need some mental power to be able to write.  And sometimes I still miss writing here, on my blog!
  • It’s really fun.  It’s actually fun to know that in a month or two I’ll have a manuscript that I can edit and can work on figuring out how I want to publish.
  • It’s nerve-wracking.  Will ANYONE want to read my book?  Obviously, most of the guys that follow me probably won’t, it’s chick lit.  And how am I going to get exposure far and wide, beyond my network?  I need to stop worrying about this one.  It’s still too far off.

I’ve got a few blogs still running through my head, so they may appear in the next week or so.  Or maybe not, if I can be more dedicated to novel-writing.

In other updates:

  • I’ve decided to go ahead and commission an actual logo designer to design a logo for “Have Kids, Will Work“.
  • I’ve put my guest contributing on hold – sort of.  I have three pending articles with Lifehack, and one article that’s been mulling in my mind for SharpHeels.  But other than that, it’s going to go on hold ’til that book gets done.

And I want to share:

  • A friend and fellow entrepreneurial mom has just published her first book, “Make Money on AirBNB“!  You can get it for free between today and tomorrow.  Download your copy here.

Have a great week, and for those that are celebrating it, Happy Deepavali!

Have Kids, Will Work

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