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Syndication, getting past writer’s block, and other musings about Nanowrimo.

I still find myself writing short list type pieces here and there for  Sometimes I feel like they are a good warm up before I get back to my novel-writing for Nanowrimo, but sometimes I am just not yet ready to go back to novel-writing.  There actually is some sort of mental state that I have to push myself into to get somewhere.  Usually.  But the upside of these light, list-y pieces is that my latest one has actually made it to the fame of syndication!  That’s right – my article on Lifehack was picked up and republished on not one, but three other sites/blogs (Profit Maxim, Gaazer, and Lifetitude).  Small win, but YAY for me!

The hardest, hardest part of Nanowrimo is by far finding the motivation to keep chugging along after a long day of work and a long evening of child watching.  With both kids in bed and it only being 8:15pm, I should be raring to go, but I can barely keep it together.  Catching up on serials on my Kindle while laying in bed sounds so much more enticing.

The second hardest part of Nanowrimo, as a working parent, is that you cannot write when the inspiration strikes!  I find this extremely frustrating.  I will be in a meeting a work discussing a certain topic but I still feel like I’m watching my protagonist as she goes through the plot that I’m devising to be her life.  And I cannot stop what I’m doing and write about it.  Same thing in the evenings:  I’ll be feeding my son or daughter dinner, or bathing them, or we’re doing homework, but I can’t just drop everything to get back to my novel.

Alright, I know.  Enough procrastinating – get back to it!

Have Kids, Will Work

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