Month: November 2015

Parents of four (or more) children are the happiest

It’s hard to believe, but it’s true.  According to a study out of Australia, parents of four or more children are truly the happiest.  And here’s why. “Parents with Four or More Kids are Happier, According to Researchers“,, November 29, 2015 Have Kids, Will Work

Cooking Thanksgiving Dinner with Kids in the Kitchen (and I don’t mean the “helpful” kind).

I love to cook and bake but ever since I’ve had kids it’s a past time that I’ve had to adapt (significantly).  Baking is pretty much out of the question because of concentration, precision, and timing.  These are three things that don’t go well with watching young children while you’re cooking. As an avid subscriber of

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Thank you for taking paternity leave.

I was overjoyed last Friday when Mark Zuckerberg announced that he does indeed plan to take a full two months off for paternity leave when his daughter is born.  While he’s not taking the full-time off available to him and any other Facebook employee, two months is impressive for a male CEO of such a

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Writing a novel is hard. And I’m definitely not going to be done in 8 days.

I’m at day 22.  I know my previous post expressed how hard it is, how I’m cutting down my goal to just a mere 25,000 words, and all the stuff I’m learning about trying to do it when working full-time (with kids). I haven’t written every single day, and I’m painfully behind.  This weekend was completely

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What happens when you stop working from home (WFH)?

Before I transitioned from consumer products into tech, I was aware that people worked from home.  My mom, who was an IT Director at Sun Microsystems, worked almost exclusively from home for her last three or four years in that position.  When I was in high school, in the late 90s, Sun even arranged for

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What I’m learning while trying to do #Nanowrimo2015 as a full time working mom.

Ok, this sh*t is harder than I thought it would be.  I have a huge, new found respect for Danielle Steel.  I’ve heard her story was that she was a single parent trying to raise children during the day and write at night.  And once she figured out her “novel formula” she was able to

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Is that job parent friendly?

People ask me all the time how I decide if I can do a particular job while raising kids as part of a dual income family.  It’s tough – and as you all know from my personal story – even I don’t get it right every time. You have a new job offer and you’re wondering if

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A sad day for Paris and for all of us.

As many of you know, business travel is a huge part of my job.  I work with wonderful global partners around the world to help create a more open and connected world (specifically through by Facebook) for everyone.  Last night’s events in Paris leave me sad, dumbfounded, and worried.  As we open up our

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I have a new-found appreciation for parent entrepreneurs who are still working full time.

I just put my daughter down for the night.  She did what she always does:  turn over onto her tummy, place her thumb in mouth, wait for me to cover her with her favorite blanket and then close her eyes.  It’s quite angelic to watch.  And as I did, the only thing that crossed my

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