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Things to keep in mind on those REALLY bad days.

There will be days when every moment is painful.  With every hour comes an urgent fire that needs your attention and they don’t end just because it’s time to go pick up your kids.  You may be entertaining meetings via bluetooth while you heat up (note I did not say “cook”) dinner, or while you’re bathing your child.  You may find yourself exhausted, working late into the night trying to get things under control.  And these are the days when you say to yourself “WHY THE HELL AM I DOING THIS?”

Well, here are the things you have to remember on those days:

On bad days, things feel much more painful than they really are. 

Yup, it’s true.  When you’re in the thick of it and all you can think about is vegging out on the couch, or playing at the park, or just falling flat on your face in your bed – having to suck it all up and pull together a strategy while your child throws a tantrum next to you – feels much more painful than it really is.  Why?  Because it will be over soon.  This situation won’t last.  It’s fleeting.  Freaking out and quitting your job and wondering how you’re going to make ends meet on one (or no) income is so much more painful.  Believe me.

Tomorrow will be better.

It just will be.  Think of all the times you’ve freaked out before.  Most of the time, it wasn’t worth the freak out, right?  Tomorrow will be better.

It’s just one day.

If this is happening every day – then yes, you have a problem.  But if you’re pretty good about maintaining balance, pushing back, and being clear on your boundaries, bad days will happen but they should be once in a while – not every day.  You’ll be able to spend tomorrow evening hanging out with the kids.  Think back to those days when you got home after your baby went to sleep.  Did you wake them up?  No – because it’s just one day, they need their sleep, and you’ll be with them tomorrow.

Why the hell are you doing this?

Take stock and think for a second about it.  You must love what you do and love your job enough to tolerate these days.  And if you really, really don’t think the good outweighs the bad – rethink your life and your career.  Take time to figure out what would work.  But just don’t do anything rash.

Tomorrow WILL be better, I promise! 

Have Kids, Will Work

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