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I <3 Tweeting to Airlines… and 2 more reasons I like Twitter.

Twitter hasn’t been doing that well these days; I heard on my way home from work today that layoffs may come as soon as tomorrow.  And while Twitter’s been having a hard time growing its user base (still hovering around 300 million users), I still find it useful for somethings – namely reaching out to businesses and actually getting a response!

Twitter rocks to talk to airlines.

Airlines have it tough – they’ve got to transport people all over the world safely and quickly, but they’ve also got to do it cheaply.  I travel a lot for my job (as many of you know), and I spend enough time on airlines that I want a deeper relationship with them than just sitting in my seat and watching movies.  If I have a terrible experience in their lounge or in the air, I want them to know that.  And if I have a great experience, I want them to know that too.  Tweeting airlines is a sure fire way to get a response.  They love to hear from us too! (Especially when it’s good news.)

Twitter is a good way to get a business’s attention.

Because conversations on Twitter are public, it’s in a business’s best interest to respond.  When I can’t get a hold of someone through email or phone calls – particularly when there was a problem, like there was with our terrible vacation experience over Labor Day in Lake Tahoe – the best thing you can do is tweet them.  Then if they don’t respond, tweet them again.  In fact, you can tweet them and share so many details that they will eventually do something.

Twitter is a not so secret job board.

So many recruiters and human resources departments use Twitter to advertise choice job postings, it’s insane!  Follow your favorite companies and recruiters.  And best of all, once you apply to a job, tweet at them so they can follow-up for you.  This is one way to get past the Google application black box.

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