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Behind, Behind, Behind! And what’s the deal with this “only 1 space after a sentence”?

10995863465_d328bbe49a_kMy trip out to Dhaka last week has left me behind on my writing!  And while I don’t think it annoys the publications I contribute to, it sure annoys me!

Thankfully, the flight home was quiet and comfortable.  I finally got started on an article for LifeHack that is about one week past due (sorry).  And after I wrapped it up, I realized one thing.  I STILL put two spaces after each sentence.  Now, I get it – we’ve moved on past the typewriter age; the need for more than one space is obsolete.  But that doesn’t make it any easier for those of us that learned to type in the seventh grade on a typewriter! (Yes, fully aware that I aged myself by admitting to that.)  I finally was able to get rid of the need to indent my paragraphs but this whole one space thing is nearly impossible to get rid of – as evidenced by this post.

Sometimes, I wonder if these new norms (no indenting, use only one space) are there just to weed out those of us that may be older.  Yes, older at the ripe old age of 34, punished by my luck of learning typing at the tender age of twelve.  Typing is instinct once you learn it – so now I have to unlearn an instinct.  *SIGH*

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