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2015 Women in the Workplace Report (McKinsey & is Here!!

The results feel somewhat disheartening…

A few things that are interesting:

  • “Women are not leaving organizations at higher rates than men.” – I wonder if this may be a side effect of men wanting to find more flexible careers themselves, so they opt out themselves.
  • “Employee programs are abundant, but participation is low” – This doesn’t surprise me at all.  When’s the last time someone that worked part time or on a flexible schedule or 100% telecommute was taken very seriously and offered promotional opportunities if they were a rockstar?  I can only think of a few.  The answer isn’t found in offering programs and benefits; it more likely lies into transforming into a lifestyle company that really truly values the individual as a whole with flexible options that aren’t “programs” but the norm.
  • “There is still inequality at home.” – We needed a study to confirm this?
  • “Mothers are 15% more interested in being a top executive than women without children.” – This is facsinating – especially since it comes in a section of the report related to the ambition gap, that details out how the path to senior leadership is inherently more stressful and pressure filled for women than men.  How will companies harness the power and ambition of mothers at work when the overarching (incorrect) sentiments are that parents are less committed to their jobs and and need more accomodations?

Do take a look at the report!

Have Kids, Will Work

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