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The past few weeks in our household have been crazy.  In a previous post, I had said my parents were out-of-town on vacation (well deserved) so our support system is a little depreciated right now.  And I traveled the week before last, and my husband is traveling this week, and I’m traveling again next week (Hello, Dhaka!).

So I’ve been on my own with the kids the past few days.

Naturally – here’s what happened:

  • I got the bus timing wrong for my son’s bus departure to school.  Of course, I was early after freaking out all morning that we’d be late, and then when we arrived I remembered it was the day that the bus comes late.  So we spent 20 minutes just waiting for the bus while two children screamed and cried.
  • Traffic is NEVER bad on Mondays.  Yet traffic was TERRIBLE this Monday.
  • My son insisted over and over and over again in a whiny voice that he needed ice cream in a cone right now.  Finally after listening to it forever, I put the kids in the car one evening and went to McDonald’s to get it.  The line was crazy and a fifteen minute trip took over an hour.
  • Went to be last night only to hear my 1-year-old daughter stirring and whining.  Go in and check – she has a fever.  I cuddle her, give her meds, and put her back down.  I finally fall asleep to hear my son screaming because he had a bad dream.  I finally fall asleep at 3:30am only to wake up at 5:30 am.  It’s been a rough day.

And we’re only halfway there!!!  Ahhh!!!  #SingleMomThisWeek

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