What Will Work Life Balance Look Like for Gen Z?

Image courtesy of SharpHeels
Image courtesy of SharpHeels

They are just around the corner.  Did you know that by 2020 generation Z will make up 20% of the workforce?  Here are my predictions on how they’ll balance work and life (as published on SharpHeels).


Last month’s New York Times article, “Inside Amazon: Wrestling Big Ideas in a Bruising Workplace,” left a good part of corporate America feeling uneasy.  Whether or not the accounts detailed in the piece rang true with every ex-Amazon employee, workplaces that demand hours of “long, hard, and smart work,” as the article put it are very common  today, and have been for quite some time.

And as the startup culture has found its way into the heart of many large firms (either because they were startups themselves not that long ago, or because the need to act and behave like a startup is very ingrained into their culture, as a recent article on Slate pointed out), the unwavering commitment, long hours, and always-on environment have become a mainstay.

The end result? For many employees confronted with life changes or even just burnout, the options to change their work style are saddled with reduced advancement potential, as Fast Company noted in a November 2014 article. The other choice – completely dropping out (even for a little while) – can sometimes mean a complete loss of a career.  To read the full text of this article on SharpHeels click here.

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