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The past week has been tough.  My parents left for a two month vacation to India (well deserved – it’s their 40th anniversary this year), but it’s wrecked havoc on our dual income family support system.  I had a pre-planned business trip out to India, and my husband has been going through a busy period at work.

As I write this post, I’m trying to stay awake before I board about twenty two hours worth of flights – taking me from Hyderabad, India back home to the San Francisco Bay Area.  I just video chatted with my husband and son (unfortunately my daughter is still too young to understand what video chat is) and I miss them terribly.

I know I wrote an article about “Working and Travelling Moms“, and all those tips are true, but it doesn’t make it any easier to leave my family behind and fly halfway across the world, battle jet lag, and then come home only to battle jet lag again.  What’s more, I think it’s super hard on my husband.  He’s wonderful and has done a great job with the kids this week, but it’s hard to be the “lead” parent.  We try to spread out lead parent duties between ourselves and my parents so that no one gets hit too badly, but with my parents on vacation, and me on a business trip, he’s on full time duty – and that’s not easy.  And I feel like I’m missing out.

My son is having a particularly hard time with my absence this time.  Now that he’s four, I can’t quickly slip away and appear a number of days later.  He knows when I’m gone.  This time I started talking to him about it on Friday, “On Monday, mommy will take drop you off at the bus for school, but then Daddy will pick you up. I have to go on an airplane for work.  I’ll see you next Monday.”

“Can I come?”

“No, I have to go for work but I’ll come back really fast.”

“But I don’t want you to go.”

“I know, but I’ll be back really fast.”


Everytime we video chat, I can tell he’s having a hard time.  And his teacher at school sent me an email saying that he’s been down this week.

Travelling is hard no matter how often you do it or how experienced you are at it.  I’ve loved the things I learned and saw on this trip, but I miss my husband and kids.  And homesickness is sure tough.  Ready to go home.

Have Kids, Will Work


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