My latest article on Sharp Heels – “Start-Up Culture Basics”

These tips are helpful if you’re at an internal startup too!

3 Ways to Drive Impact and Stay Efficient 

Congratulations on your new role!  You’ve been brought in to a startup to fill a particular need, but no one is sure of where you should start, or what you should tackle first. However, don’t be surprised if everyone agrees, in a hyper-energetic way, that you’re now responsible for needing to have your tasks “done yesterday.”

So, it’s agreed: your first experience in a start-up can be overwhelming.  On the plus side: it’s an exciting change of pace; your work makes an immediate and tangible impact; and you’re working with a great bunch of people set on making a difference in whatever they are doing.  On the down side:  Roles aren’t well-defined; expectations and timelines may be out of synch; and you may have been brought in to fill voids that simply can’t be remedied overnight.  To read the full text of the article, please visit Sharp Heels.

Have Kids, Will Work

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