FOMO and the Importance of Mindfulness

“You are not always in control of what goes into your mind, but only you can determine what stays there.” – Iyanla Vanzant

Flickr, User: nationalassemblyforwales
Flickr, User: nationalassemblyforwales

One of the things I struggle with the most is to be able to focus on the moment I’m in.  With so many things on our plates every day, and integration winning out over balance, mindfulness is the first thing to go.  Social Chorus co founder, Nicole Alvino, brought this to my attention (again) this morning with her insightful post about finding peace, not balance, as we navigate work, life, and kids.  I also love that she supports finding “me” time or rewarding yourself when traveling – she went to dinner with a friend and had a chance to hit the gym in the morning, something that is a rarity when she’s manning the morning schedule.

FOMO (fear of missing out) is something that we hear about a lot.  In fact, it’s become so ingrained into our society that it officially entered the Oxford Dictionary as a new word in 2013.  Are we so set into a state of FOMO, that no matter what part of our life we’re in, we can’t help but experience FOMO?   The goal of finding a moment of peace or taking the time to truly enjoy the moment you’re in (when you are in it) is a critical part of making it through this adventure on a day to day basis.

Yesterday, I had to say no to an evening call with a partner in Asia so that I could attend my son’s back to school night for junior kindergarten.  Admittedly, contemplating how I could steal away for thirty minutes to take that call and connect with my business partner, or wondering what what was being discussed while I wasn’t there to contribute, filled my mind – at first.  But about forty minutes in, something miraculous happened:  I saw all the work my son had done in preparation for me visiting his classroom.  As I admired his self portrait, his careful attempts at writing his name, and reviewed his favorite part of the day at school, I knew that I had to commit to my decision to be at his school and let go of any anxiety around what I was missing at work.  And in doing so, I was able to see into my son’s world and connect with him in a way that I rarely get the chance to experience.

The minute I let go of FOMO and focused on where I was, I found something beautiful that I was missing out on – right before my eyes.

What do you think?  How have you incorporated mindfulness into your daily routine?  What has FOMO caused you to miss out on at work or at home?

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