Month: September 2015

Do I feel comfortable writing about being a parent in the workforce?

I wish I could say that writing about being a parent in the workforce was risk free for me from both a career and personal perspective.  But it’s not. I work because I think the work I do can change the world for the better, but I also work because my income is vital for

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What Will Work Life Balance Look Like for Gen Z?

They are just around the corner.  Did you know that by 2020 generation Z will make up 20% of the workforce?  Here are my predictions on how they’ll balance work and life (as published on SharpHeels). ————————————— Last month’s New York Times article, “Inside Amazon: Wrestling Big Ideas in a Bruising Workplace,” left a good

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My latest article on Sharp Heels – “Start-Up Culture Basics”

These tips are helpful if you’re at an internal startup too! 3 Ways to Drive Impact and Stay Efficient  Congratulations on your new role!  You’ve been brought in to a startup to fill a particular need, but no one is sure of where you should start, or what you should tackle first. However, don’t be

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